Thursday, February 21, 2013

Grape Seed Oil? More like GREAT Seed Oil!

Grape Seed Oil
My grape seed oil stash!
You might be wondering, what do I do when I am not hanging from a trapeze or pinning pictures of adorable smiling animals? Well, one thing that I love to do is use grape seed oil in a million different ways. There are so many reasons why I love it, and they all are very relevant for Down the Center. Whether you want to be frugal, self-soothe, or just pamper yourself, grape seed oil does the trick. Here are six reasons why I love it:

It's inexpensive.
grape seed oilYou can get a giant bottle at Trader Joe's for a few dollars that is great for cooking.  I really like using Aura Cacia on my skin.  It's a little more expensive per ounce than the cooking variety, but the quality is excellent.  It is less processed, which is ideal for skincare.  It also lasts forever, so it still is much less expensive than pre-mixed skincare.  I have the 4oz bottle in the link, it has lasted through months of frequent use.

It's versatile.  
While it has a lot of uses in the kitchen, I love using it for skincare.  It's non-comedogenic (read: It won't clog your pores), so it can be used even on sensitive or oily skin.  This is the only oil that is relatively inexpensive that I feel confident applying directly to my face, where I have sensitive, combination skin.  Look for a few ideas at the bottom of this article!
It's natural.  
For all of you who are trying to cut out the chemicals, this is a great option.
It's pampering.  
It's not overly thick, but the texture is incredibly silky.  It is a fantastic option for a little bit of self-soothing!
It's healthy. 
Grape seed oil is filled with omega fatty acids and anti-oxidants.  It is flavorless and has a high smoke point, so it is great for sauteing food at high heat!
It helps bring more wine to the world.  
Okay, maybe this one is a bit of a stretch.  However, grape seed oil is a byproduct of wine production.  I must say that this is an industry that I am more than happy to support!

As promised, I am including a list of easy ways to pamper yourself with grape seed oil!  Let me know if you try any of these ideas or if you use it in other ways!

  • Use it as massage oil.  Unlike products that typically are marketed as "massage oil," it isn't sticky or smelly.  It provides a nice glide but leaves the skin soft rather than greasy.  You can add a drop of two of your favorite essential oil if you want something scented.  One drop of lavender essential oil mixed with two teaspoons of grape seed oil should work perfectly!
  • Use it in the bath.  You only need to add about two tablespoons to a bath to ensure that you will have super silky skin at the end.  Again, feel free to add your favorite essential oil, too. I find that five drops is more than enough.
  • Use it on your face. Yes, you read this correctly.  Grape seed oil is super moisturizing and appropriate for even oily or sensitive skin.  If your skin tends to get oily, I would use it at night rather than during the day.  I love to mix a drop or two of grape seed oil with my fancy schmancy moisturizer to make the expensive bottle of moisturizer last longer.  Remember to only mix it before applying, not in the bottle itself! 
  • Use it on your body. It makes a wonderful moisturizer for any part of your body!
  • Use it to shave. Okay, this is my absolute favorite.  I ran out of shaving cream one day, so I decided to try some grape seed oil.  The results were incredible!!  The shave was incredibly close.  Even better, it left my legs silky smooth after the shower, as the oil absorbed into my skin rather than being rinsed off by the water.  I use it every day now.  Not only do I get a great shave but I save money compared to using normal shaving cream.  
  • Use it to make homemade body scrub. See this post for detailed instructions!
I would love to hear your own ideas for using grape seed oil or get suggestions on other oils that you love.  Please share your thoughts in the comments!

Your Silky Smooth Internet Friend,

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